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Wow I actually did it. HCR2027 in Arizona. {Updated}

Today I went to the Capital building, House side specifically, to watch some of the deliberations on HCR2027, which is meant to authorize delegates for an Article V Constitutional Convention. They did start a half an hour late, I joked they were on “Congressional time”. Anyway they had public testimony, one woman was trying to posit that George Soros is behind this push and is paying off Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, etc. Well, she read it on MoveOn, so it must be true.

Well I was able to give a speech, here’s what I said. Whew, I was nervous too.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for allowing me to speak. I wanted to raise my voice in support of this bill to allow the State to convene an Article V Constitutional Convention. Most notably over the last five years, but pretty much over the past few decades, the Federal government has increased its scope of power beyond those proscribed within the Constitutional framework. I may not be a Constitutional Scholar, however I can read. It’s not in there.

Every couple of years we elect people to represent us, yet once they pass the DC border they forget one key point: We are their employers. Instead they treat us as peasants and serfs, passing hundreds of laws, creating faceless bureaucracies which generate tens of thousands of pages of regulations, taxes upon taxes, yet treat us with disdain. “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” When asked “where, specifically, does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate” we’re given the response “are you serious? Are you serious?”(Both Nancy Pelosi.) When asked about reading the bill the response is “why read the bill?” (John Conyers)

If I order steak I do not expect it to come out overcooked. If it does I tell them it’s not how I ordered it, which case I get an overworked manager apologizing and telling me it’s on him. I do not expect a burly, sweaty cook come out and tell me “you will take it, you will eat it, you will like it”. And then proceed to charge me for twelve more steaks. After all, there is an unequal distribution of steak in America.

  • 2 steaks are for EPA “green” compliance
  • 2 steaks go to the treasury to pay for foreign debt
  • 3 steaks are for the IRS
  • 4 steaks cover the ObamaCare mandate
  • And maybe, maybe 1 steak goes to its intended target.

Somewhere my math has to be off.

This is why we need to return power back towards the State, and ultimately to the People. It’s on loan from us, we can call it back. When Congress has an approval rating of 8%, the President’s approval around 44%, and even the Supreme Court’s approval is at 43%, it’s time to remind them who we are. We’re the employers.

I know some Constitutional Scholars consider the Bill of Rights a “charter of negative liberties”, but what do you call a government that ignores their own populace, create law without authority, no appeal considered? No, the Constitution is a charter of restraint against a government. It’s a carefully thought out document that balances between the liberties and rights of the populace, and the needs of the State to protect the Freedoms, to protect the Freedoms, of the populace. Not provide, not “transform”, not redistribute, not to give tax dollars to friends and contributors, but for specific enumerated powers that are clearly defined yet ignored.

So I ask you to pass this in the hopes of creating more “negative liberties” which will actually return government to its natural and appropriate boundaries. The insanity must end, even the Constitutional Scholar admitted that this path is “unsustainable”, yet he continues. The States have a responsibility demanded of them as proscribed in the Tenth Amendment to be a counter to this government. We need to stop the “transformation” and return power back to the People.

Thank you.

So I hope that helps, we’ll see. I actually did it. Of course now I have to get back to work…….ahem…


So this is the video for the hearing, I’m at 1:21:18 if anyone is interested. The woman that was talking about Soros is at 1:01:45. Yeow, yeah, I can’t explain her. The woman before her? The Illuminati? Yyeeahhhh…oookay……


I did want to address one point though that the “Soros” woman and another brought up, and that’s the “runaway convention” trope. We have a runaway government as it is, doing nothing is no longer an option. Besides that, suppose the delegates made amendment suggestions that are outside of the boundaries they were sent, so what? “I think we should have an amendment to force everyone to have blue hair.” Yeah, passed. 38 states (I was corrected yesterday on that so it’s worse then I thought) have to ratify it.

One speaker suggested the convention could be used to nullify the Constitution directly. Not if it’s voted down. So how can it be a “runaway convention” if the majority of the country can simply ignore it? Yeah it’ll be a wasted effort, but not damaging.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I wish I had thought to tell these elected officials how DC is making them irrelevant, look how they’re suing Arizona. Didn’t think of it until today. Next time I guess.

WWBD? What Would Breitbart Do?


February 11, 2014 - Posted by | Politics


  1. Wow. Congratulations! That’s terrific. You’re doing your part to be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem, and I just wish more people did that. Your statement was well thought out and cogent, and I’m proud of you.

    Comment by Jerry Schneyer | February 12, 2014 | Reply

  2. Thank You for standing up! Though I did not publicly speak, I did however write every Republican member and the Minority Democrat Leader encouraging a yes vote. It will take many individuals to get involved at some level to turn the tide.

    Comment by Michelle Henry | February 26, 2014 | Reply

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